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Spelling Bee is a very popular word game in the US. The rules of the Spelling Bee are quite simple. Find as many words as possible in a set of 7 letters. Every day you are given new 7 letters - 6 simple and one mandatory. You need to click on the letters on the screen or keyboard to form words from them with a length of 4 letters. In this case, you can use any number of letters any number of times, but each word must contain a central letter. The more words, the more points you get. See below for more detailed rules.

How to play Spelling Bee?


You see 7 letters in front of you. Your task is to make as many words as possible from these letters. You don't have to use all the letters. The letter in the center must be in the word. Words must be at least 4 letters long. Letters in a word can be used more than once. You have 24 hours to come up with as many words as possible, every day the game is updated and new letters and words appear.


For each word you guess, you get points. For a 4 letter word you will get 1 point. Longer words will earn you 1 point for each letter used in it. There is also at least one Pangram in every game. Pangram is a word that contains all possible letters (maybe more than once). For the fact that you find such a word, you will receive an additional 7 points.


For each game (set of letters), the maximum possible number of words and points that you can get by guessing them all are known in advance. This is how the rating system works, which you can see at the top of the game.


You cannot use some words, such as words with hyphens, proper nouns, profanity, made-up words. For your convenience, there is a letter shuffling button - with its help you can swap letters in the fields in order to look at them from a new angle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the word not in the word list?

Dictionaries are never perfect. If you see such an error, then the entered word is not in our dictionary. This means that it will not be accepted in the game, and you will not be able to earn points for it. If you think we should add this word, please email us:

Where can I see the answers to the game?

Answers to today's game you can find out only the next day after 12 am. To do this, you need to click on the Yesterday's button. There you will see the complete word list of the previous game, as well as your answers in bold.

At what time does the daily puzzle change?

Every day, a new set of letters is available to players. New letters appear every day at 12:00 am, according to the time on the device you are playing on.

Do you like Spelling Bee?

Spelling Bee is a word puzzle game that challenges players to form words using a set of seven letters. The objective is to create as many words as possible, with extra points awarded for using all seven letters in a word. The game features a daily puzzle, as well as unlimited random puzzles for players to enjoy. With a clean and intuitive interface, Spelling Bee is a fun and addictive game that is sure to test your vocabulary skills.